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As Stairlifts London experts we are waiting for your call today. Stairlifts London installers can fit your home with a stairlift in a matter of hours. We can guide you through the fitting of your stairlifts. London experts are on hand to offer advice and help too.

There is a variety of models and makes for domestic stairs, and the rails themselves are likely to be made of metal. Extruded aluminium or steel are two such metals from which the rails might be manufactured. The designs are frequently found to be different, and their collective weight is often at about 30 kilos, depending on the length of the stairway. They are held down to the steps using metal cleats. There are various techniques to avoid obstruction – both in terms of the proper running of the stairlift and the proper running of the home! For instance, if there is a possibility that the end of the stairlift blocks access to a doorway so that the door cannot properly close, then a hinge can be fitted onto the stairlift rail so that it tucks back out of the way when the device does not require to be in service.

Simple techniques such as this mean that stairlifts can be used in many more applications than people believe. If you have any doubt about the possibility of a stairlifts installation, you might want to consult your stairlifts London company to see if there are workarounds such as the one outlined above.

Considerations to take on board include space when the Stairlifts London fitters go to work. But don’t let this put you off making inquiries, contact us today for any advice.


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